Saturday, August 27, 2016

Don't Worry, Spratly!

Now, we all don't like change but it's an inevitable part of life. Over the years and even in the past almost 9 months, I've had to face big, difficult and painful changes myself.  Have I liked them? No...Have I worried about them? Yes...but thanks to a few very dear friends (who know who they are) I am facing them and overcoming them and moving on.

'Don't Worry, Spratly!' is a charming book about the fear of change and facing it head on. Written in delightful verse by my friend Helen Sampson, Spratly finds out that he has to move to a new school and that's a big change and understandably he finds his tummy in knots about it.

It's a sweet tale that every child and, might I add, every grown-up will be able to relate to. Though Spratly doesn't like the fact that there's going to be a big change, he knows it's going to happen anyway and in the end...well you know in the end, he'll have nothing to worry about.

This is Helen's first picture book and it is just delightful and as an added bonus there is a craft section at the back of the book that parents can use to entertain the little ones. 

Great job, Helen.  Hopefully this is just the first in many adventures we can expect from Spratly and his friends. To find out how to order this fast-selling book, please click on the link below.

                                     ORDER SPRATLY

Friday, August 26, 2016

Meet Kobe the Cavoodle

Meet Kobe, the newest member of our family. A puppy is a lot of work, but also gives you a lot in return. They may be naughty and may occasionally drive you completely nuts, but they will love you unconditionally, they'll make you laugh and they will always be loyal to you.  So please meet my best friend, Kobe the Cavoodle.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Congratulations, Joseph Schooling!

Congratulations to Singapore's first Olympic Champion --Joseph Schooling.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Journey Home

Children's writers have to be very sensitive when they are dealing with a sensitive topic like death. I've seen some books that try to deal with topics like neglect or compassion and oh boy, I wish I had never picked them up.

You've got to know your subject really well and you can't make it didactic either, so it was with great delight that I received my copy of Charlotte Douglas's The Journey Home.

The author carefully traverses the landscape  spirituality and the well-spring of emotions that comes with the death of a loved one. In this beautiful heartwarming story, Oscar and Kiki's grandmother has passed away or has gone to her eternal home and with the help of their angel friends, Alexandra and Maksim, they realise that Grandma is with Grandpa, all her friends who have passed on before her and even Scottie, their cheeky dog.

This is a must read for any parent and any child, it will warm  hearts and bring tears to the eyes. In a world that is filled with so much war, anger and hate over the big things and small, this book reminds that life and love is precious and above all it is everlasting. Kudos to Charlotte Douglas for writing a masterpiece for kids and adults around the world to enjoy. And Nicola Spencer's illustrations are charming!  Make sure kids  look out for the bright shining yellow star on each page. The Journey Home is a treasure for the whole family.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Winner of A Royal Adventure Giveaway

Congratulations, Paul Ratcliffe, the winner of A Royal Adventure Giveaway. The book is in the mail!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Royal Adventure Giveaway

I'm giving a copy of A Royal Adventure to the first person who can tell me where Kate actually wore the dress pictured in the illustration below (*Hint*: it was on her royal tour in 2014) where Kate actually wore it. You can either email me your answer  or comment in the section down below.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ocean Dreams at the S.E.A. Aquarium

Last night Soefara, Winston and I went down to the S.E.A. Aquarium for a bedtime storytelling session as part of the overnight Ocean Dreams experience.

Ocean Dreams is a S.E.A Aquarium program which allows visitors to tour the Aquarium after closing hours before camping out for the night at the Ocean Gallery. It's primarily aimed at families with young kids, but if you're single and a kid at heart you can still spend the night there, camping out in a sleeping bag as the resident sharks and other sea creatures circle round the tank. Kids are supposed to be in their sleeping bags by 10:30pm. 

In the morning, sleepyheads get an early wake-up call from the divers at the Ocean Gallery before tucking into breakfast of scrambled eggs or omelettes. With their stomachs full, they'll get watch the manta rays

Winston and Soefara

Winston was already at the Aquarium when Soefara and I got there, and after meeting a few of the families participating in the experience, we got down to the business at hand of reading the story. 

With that done, Soefara gave out two original pieces of artwork and we distributed paper dolls after a quiz about the story. 
One of the young participants, Dana, a Harry Potter aficionado, was the first to answer and won one of Soefara's prized original illustrations. Dana said I looked like an older Harry Potter because of my Potteresque spectacles. Yes, while Harry Potter survived Voldemort's attempts on his life,  I suppose I could say that good old Voldy successfully managed to zap the life out of my hair follicles.

By 10:30 it was time for lights out and Soefara and I made our way to the exit. Nope, we decided not to spend the night there, but Winston did. Thanks Winston, Soefara and everyone for making this happen.

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